TrailBound Project: Intro to Wilderness First Aid Workshop

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We are partnering with The TrailBound Project Outdoor School to provide free intro-level courses to help prepare you for your next adventure!

Note: This is a free 3-hour workshop and not a WFA certification course. It will be held indoors.

About The TrailBound Project: 

The vision of TBP is to inspire and help those who wish to experience the wilderness safely by teaching them the necessary skills through our courses & challenges, resulting in a fun and memorable experience.

TrailBounders share a passion for the outdoors and a craving to experience all that comes with it. However, heading into the wilderness safely and efficiently is a skill that takes education, time, and dedication to accomplish. To that end, we created a school that provides the tools for novices and experts alike to rapidly improve their confidence and skills.

Learn more here: TrailBound Project

About the Intro to Wilderness First Aid Workshop: 

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, but in the woods we’re more limited in what we can do. We only have ourselves, what’s in our pack, and what's in the environment. Workshop participants will learn some key wilderness first aid skills for just such an emergency.


It's crucial to have the right skills and the right tools to enable you and others around you when emergencies arise. We’ll go over some of those important skills as well as what you can use from your backpack and the environment by way of practical hands-on exercises. Developing from years of teaching wilderness first aid to Search & Rescue professionals, workshop participants will learn a number of skills taught in the full 16-hour WFA Wilderness First Aid course such as taking pulses, proper bandaging, improvised splinting, improvised tourniquets, and more. The skills you learn will not only apply just when hiking, but anytime you're in the outdoors. Having the knowledge and confidence to step up and help in a time of need is invaluable. It starts by learning and practicing to develop muscle memory for those emergency situations.


Note: This is a free 3-hour workshop and not a WFA certification course. It will be held indoors.

April 1st, 2023 from  2:30 PM to  5:30 PM
600 Ramapo Valley Rd
Mahwah, NJ 07430
United States
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Level Beginner
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